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We provide design and engineering talent for crafting web-based / mobile app to develop concepts into killer products and dreams into companies

What are we?


What are we not?

What are we?


What are we not?

We helped
70+ businesses succeed


1 Believe in Apps (We think that web and mobile apps are going to contribute to solving some of the biggest problems)
2 No Bureaucracy (We are a bunch of designers and developers who like making things, No process complications only good work)
3 Quality is King (Mass product is the quickest way to irrelevance)
4 Form with Function (Design and Engineering are only as important as they experience they can provide)
5 Iterate & Deliver (Experiment and collaborate. Be ambitious, exceed expectations)

What's special about Kulizans?

Only designers and developers who love to build apps

Genuine love for products

Problem solvers from Tier-1 schools

Good communication skills

We embody the values of lean startups

Design + Engineering + Cloud - whole nine yards

Space - environment that fosters creative thinking and play

worked with more than 30 plus startups

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